How to home practice without watching video

Elephant Trunk Pose


It’s not always easy to do home practice with no one whipping your ass and telling you to “Believe in yourself. You can do this!”. It takes tremendous discipline and the will power to stay on the mat with focused mind. Here’s my suggestion how to make your home practice easier without looking at the video.

1. Find a space where you can be alone. Avoiding public places like the beaches or parks as you don’t need others to looking at you while practicing. When there’s people around you can’t focus easily. Surface where you practice must be firm.

2. Clean your hands and feet before stepping on the mat. Why? When they are cleaned, grounding them on the mat feel better.

3. Studying for the Asanas you want to work on. (I usually do this step by reading, sometimes watch tutorials video for difficult poses). Yes, do this step on the mat. Your mat space is a sacred space for your concentration. Once you step on it you are dedicated to studying and practicing yoga. Note: On the day you have more fire to burn, you can choose standing poses, back bends or arm balance. (to practicing advance Asanas you must study the preparation poses). On the day you want to take it easy you can choose lying down, seated or inverted poses like shoulder stand or even Yin poses.

4. Once finished your study: Warmups the body. This does not need to be yoga poses or moves. You close your eyes, be aware of the breath and bring the attention to the body. You’ll starting to feel where’s in the body that needs to be stretched. Practice sun salutations if you remember the sequence. If not maybe it’s time to learn! (Copy the link or go to Sunny Yoga YouTube channel)

5. Starts practicing. It doesn’t matter if you are not able to stay 90 mins on the mat. You can start from 20 mins and then increasing it each time. 

6. Remember to breath deeply

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