Heal Yourself Love Yourself Online Healing Meditation Retreat

Join this profound 5-day inner healing retreat to release emotional pains, nurture unconditional love, and integrate powerful emotional healing techniques as a natural part of your daily life. 

With a highly practical and experience-based approach to meditation, and personalized psychic readings, this retreat offers profound opportunities for inner healing and growth. After the 5-day immersion, the included 3-week integration program and ongoing community support will help you build a strong foundation for your self-practice, making life a journey of healing and growth.

Heal Emotional Pains and Nurture Unconditional Love

  • Psychic readings and deep healing meditations throughout the course will help you see and release your subconscious painful beliefs and emotions
  • Buddhist meditations on the nature of life will help you to deepen acceptance of yourself and others
  • Heart opening practices will help you experience universal unconditional love, and from this cultivate unconditional self-love.
  • Grounding meditations and breathwork will help bring a feeling of stability and relaxation amongst the fluctuations of life.

Learn to make Life a Journey of Healing and Growth

  • Learn how to use these simple and powerful practices of kind awareness for yourself, with the support of a highly experienced teacher and a comprehensive course book.
  • Be guided to use these practices to heal a series of different emotional issues that you choose.
  • Eventually, whenever emotional pains arise in daily life, your natural habit can become to let go with kind awareness. So that every experience in life becomes an opportunity for healing and growth.

Be Supported to Integrate the Learnings into Daily Life

  • 3 weeks of daily recorded meditations and weekly group mentoring and healing sessions will help you integrate the profound growth of the retreat.
  • Join an online community of Kind Awareness practitioners where you can ask questions, receive free healing sessions and be motivated to continue your practice.
  • Gain ongoing access to a special fortnightly group healing and mentoring session exclusively for retreat graduates (by donation).
  • Access free guided meditation recordings of all the styles used in the retreat


Typical Daily Schedule

09:00am – 12:00pm
02:00pm – 04:00pm

The retreat will be done entirely as a live video conference via Zoom (in Central European Time), with a maximum of 12 participants to allow for deep emotional support.

Guided by Nishan Disanayake

Nishan Disanayake

Born into a Theravada Buddhist family in Sri Lanka, Nishan has practiced meditation since the age of 16 (in 1998), learning through monasteries, meditation groups, and self-study. Nishan first began teaching meditation in 2004 at a primary school and a temple, then by hosting a weekly group at his home. He currently works in Thailand, offering his wisdom at Healing Centers, Yoga Teacher Training Courses and to individuals.

Over the years he has practiced all the main forms of Theravada Buddhist meditations, focusing on Metta (Unconditional Love) and Vipassana (Insight) practices. Through his practice of inner awareness, he gained an increased awareness of other people’s mind states which enables him to help people see and heal their own emotional pains.

Nishan has helped many people to heal their pains and cultivate inner love. His teachings and guided meditations can be seen here, and excellent reviews can be found on Facebook.



Try it for yourself with a Free Online Healing Session

Experience the incredible effectiveness of this practice in a free online healing session. Be guided into a powerful meditative journey of letting go of emotional pains and nurturing unconditional love and acceptance. Afterward, join a smaller group healing circle where you can talk to the facilitator and witness the tailored psychic readings.

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See full testimonials at Facebook/KindAwarenessMeditations
“The course with Nishan was something incredible. I felt the greatest peace, freedom, and purity of my life. It has helped me to open my heart and maintain that inner peace that makes everything you want possible.” ~ Anghels

“Nishan completely changed my LIFE. When you’re in his presence, you feel amplified vibrations of love, compassion, support, gratitude for now, and non-judgment. He made me grounded. Through Nishan’s metta (love) practice, I also saw my anxiety massively reduce and I experienced the most sensational feelings of joy!” ~ Jasmine

“Nishan makes it possible to be vulnerable and go through the process of whatever emotions might come up. He will make you feel safe as well as surrounded by a warm and caring energy.” ~ Celine

“Nishan embodies the word psychological safety… His truly friendly eyes led me to a place where my mind could rest and […] I could rely on Nishan’s calmness and his presence.” ~ Philip

“If something in you has been called to Nishan’s healing or workshop, trust it. You are being divinely guided into an experience that will touch the depths of your being in profound, loving, and insightful ways.” ~ Kelly

See more testimonials on Facebook: Kind Awareness Meditations!