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This program is suitable for…

  • Those who took TTC online.
  • Those who took 200h TTC in the past (maximum 2 years) and need to update their teaching skills.
  • Those who want to gain experience in teaching.
  • Those who don’t feel confident with their teaching skills after completed 200h TTC.

What you’ll receive in this program?

  • Assisting in Sunny’s drop-in class to learn her teaching techniques in real-time with hands-on adjustments. She will teach you where to look and how to spot who needs to be adjusted.
  • You’ll get to practice your teaching skills in real drop-in classes with Sunny as your assistant (in some of the classes). Afterward, she will give you honest feedback with tools on how to improve your teaching skills.
  • You’ll get 2 hours of lecture class on…
    • How to design the sequences for beginner, intermediate, advance, and mixed classes for all levels.
    • How to design a private class for individuals and classes for 5-star resorts and detox centers. (Yes, these classes using different skills from above)
    • You’ll learn how to create an intention, create an atmosphere for the class, and how to use your voice as a teacher.
    • How to deal with situations when it arises during your teaching.
  • 2 hours class with Sunny for alignments, verbal cues, and hands-on adjustments with and without props.
  • Practicing yoga with Sunny and other teachers.



Sunny has been teaching since 2011 with thousands of hours of experience. She gathered and developed her teaching skill from drop-in class, teacher training, and private classes at 5 stars resorts and private classes for individuals.

“Being a yoga teacher is more than just showing how to do asana. It takes skills and hard work and determination to become a successful yoga teacher.” – Sunny