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Heal your inner pains, build a strong ongoing meditation practice and grow in to a guide and healer to support others. Located on the tropical island paradise of Koh Phangan.

Meditation Teacher Training Foundations & Inner Healing Retreat (10 days, 60hrs)

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~ Maximum 9 Participants ~

Cultivate deeper inner peace and deeper unconditional love

  • Your own state of inner peace and unconditional love brings peace and inspiration to people you guide, this may be the most important factor in your success as a meditation teacher.
    • Psychic readings and deep healing meditations throughout the course will help you see and release your key emotional pains ,
    • Learn to identify and release your own emotional pains whenever they arise, making life a journey of inner healing and nurturing love.
    • 20 hours practising a variety of meditations for cultivating inner peace

Build strong foundations to practice and guide healing meditations

  • Understanding and practice of 5 key meditations types as well as practice in guiding and teaching these:
    • Therapeutic breathwork for quick concentration and joy
    • Inner Healing of emotional pains
    • Mindfulness in daily life
    • Unconditional Love for our self and others
    • Insight, through accepting our feelings

Gain teaching experience and heal blockages to teaching

  • 14 hours dedicated to participant practice in guiding meditations, teaching practice, and receiving feedback
  • In addition, your mind state will be read while you practice guiding meditations and public-speaking, helping you to find and release the specific pains that arise (such as fears, self-criticism etc) and hence teach from a state of inner peace and love.
  • Understanding of principles for effectively teaching and guiding meditations and answers to common questions.

Be supported in your future journey

  • Join a group of graduates to discuss and ask questions
  • Gain a comprehensive course book with editable soft copy so you can use it for your own teachings
  • Gain audio recordings of all types of meditations taught, so you can practice easily on your own

Yoga Teachers! Enrich your skills and apply this 60hr training for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education hours.

March 13-22 2019 60hr Meditation TTC & Deep Healing Retreat
$Fully Booked
Fully Booked!
July 3-12 2019 60hr Meditation TTC & Deep Healing Retreat
$450 USD (Early Bird)
Full price (From May 7) = $560
Accomadation available for $220 extra (Private Fan Bungalow, double bed, bathroom, kitchen, wi-fi, balcony)
Secure your space today with a $300 USD deposit
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The most important requirement is your willingness to look within and face your pains and enjoy your joys; this is the key to healing and freedom.

To gain some additional experience we recommend to do a 2-4 day walking meditation course which starts every Monday. The course is provided by donation at a local temple.

“Wisdom is in yourself, just like a sweet ripe mango is already in a young green one”

Venerable Ajahn Chah

Daily Schedule

07:30 – 10:00Mindful Movement and Breath. Meditation Review daily mindfulness practices. Discussion on Meditation Principles. Inner healing
10:30Healthy Vegan Brunch
12:00 – 14:00Meditation Or Practice Guiding Meditations .Review previous day
Fruit break
15:30 – 17:30Meditation Or Practice Guiding Meditations. Discussion on Meditation Principles
17:30Sunset on the beach and chillax time 🙂
  • Optional – Arrive at 7:10am for a silent meditation while the energy of the space is being set through chanting and prayers, participants often find this a deep experience.
  • The 5th day is to rest and relax

Our Lead Trainer :: Nishan Disanayake

Born in to a Theravada Buddhist family in Sri Lanka, Nishan has practiced meditation since 1998, (at the age of 16), learning through monasteries, meditation groups and self-study. Nishan first began teaching meditation in 2004 at a primary school, then at a temple, then by hosting a weekly group at his home, he currently works in Thailand teaching at healing centers, Yoga Teacher Trainings and to individuals.

Let go of pain by seeing its nature

How to let go of emotional and physical pains by cultivating awareness and acceptance.

Posted by Healing with Insight on Thursday, November 30, 2017

Over the years he has practiced all the main forms of Theravada Buddhist meditations, focusing on Metta (Unconditional love) and Vippassana (Insight) practices. Through his practice of inner awareness he gained the ability to be aware of other peoples mind states as well, this enables him to help people to see and heal their own emotional pains.

Nishan has helped many people to heal their pains and cultivate inner love, his teachings, guided meditations and excellent reviews can be found at

“Unconditional love is available to everyone, nurture it with a smile and reflect the words ‘May I be happy just as I am'”

nishan disanayake

March 13-22 2019 60hr Meditation TTC & Deep Healing Retreat
$Fully Booked
Fully Booked!
July 3-12 2019 60hr Meditation TTC & Deep Healing Retreat
$450 USD (Early Bird)
Full price (From May 7) = $560
Accomadation available for $220 extra (Private Fan Bungalow, double bed, bathroom, kitchen, wi-fi, balcony)
Secure your space today with a $300 USD deposit
Book Now


Here are some reviews about Nishan’s trainings. All the content from the workshops reviewed here is also included in this Meditation Teacher Training.

Testimonials of a 3 day workshop which is completely included in this 10 day MTTC

“The MTTC is definitively a life changer and brought me so many things in so many ways. you are actually receiving a tool in order to carry on the light and heal yourself as well as others. So grateful for everything, .” – Kathrin Schuster

“The course with Nishan was something incredible. … I felt the greatest peace, freedom and purity of my life. It has helped me to open my heart and maintain that inner peace that makes everything you want possible. Thank you, teacher!!!” – Anghels DS

“Nishan completely changed my LIFE. When you’re in his presence, you feel amplified vibrations of love, compassion, support, gratitude for now and non judgement. He made me grounded. Through Nishan’s metta (love) practice, I also saw my anxiety massively reduce and I experienced the most sensational feelings of joy!” – Jasmine Hayer

“A deeply transformational experience that I would recommend to anyone… these are such valuable life skills that can truly benefit us all 💚🙏.” – Kate Parrot

“Nishan makes it possible to be vulnerable and go through the process of whatever emotions might come up. He will make you feel safe as well as surrounded by a warm and caring energy.” – Celine Pauly

“Nishan embodies the word psychological safety .. His truly friendly eyes led me to a place were my mind could rest and [..] I could rely on Nishans calmness and his presence” – Philip Alenbrad

“If something in you has been called to Nishan’s healing or workshop, trust it. You are being divinely guided into an experience that will touch the depths of your being in profound, loving and insightful ways.” – Kelly Brown