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Learn the tools to become your own guru so you can reprogram yourself and Step INTO the life you want and deserve.

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~ Let’s Breathe Together ~

Soma Awakeing at Ecstatica“In May 2016 we performed the SOMA Awakening Breathwork ceremony at an event called Afest by Mindvalley.

A team of NASA scientist’s and founders of Peak Neurofitness measured brainwaves during the session and the results were astonishing, confirming that participants can have emotional releasing, deep relaxation and even Aha moments in just one Soma Breath session.

Trypnaural Ultra combined with special breathwork techniques handed down from true masters of ancient breathwork techniques enhances brain function like nothing else!” – Niraj aka The Renegade Pharmacist


Much more than just a meditation, the Soma Awakening Breathwork meditation is a multisensory experience designed to awaken dormant parts of the brain, promote healing and discover and manifest your intentions. Find out more about Soma Breath and register for this powerful free training here.

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This transformative breathwork technique supercharges you into a state of passion, flow and determination by raising your emotional energy to high self esteem Soma Awakening 21 day trainingand confidence. Peak performance coaches recognise that passion is the number one factor for success.

This technique is also a powerful self hypnotic tool for seeding your intentions deep into your subconscious mind, programming your brain stem to tune into the frequency of reality essential for you to reach your highest goals.

The Soma Awakening breathwork naturally stimulates the scientifically proven benefits of intermittent hypoxic training (IHT) without needing the expensive equipment that is essential for IHT.

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New research shows that IHT, or intermittent hypoxic training, where you create brief periods of low oxygen levels, can produce almost instantaneous results by actually stimulating stem cells to come out of their niches and move around the body and to places where they can heal and regenerate healthy cells for your organs.