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Sunny McGill ERYT 200 & RYT 500

Sunny McGillSunny is a passionate yoga teacher. A registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance and is an ERYT 200 and RYT 500 (her experience in teaching in studio class and teacher training combined over 4,000 hours), she has been teaching multiple classes nearly everyday since 2012.

Trained in Sivananda, Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and incorporating other styles of yoga in her teaching. Sunny’s classes and trainings have a firm foundation in Hatha & Vinyasa yoga. She started her teaching career in Bangkok area at a fitness centre then assisted and led at a few yoga teacher trainings in Kerala, India.

Sunny lived and worked in Canada for 11 years. Before she moved back to Thailand and became a yoga teacher she worked at a hospital in palliative care. For many, this job is an eye opener, and it was for Sunny. Caring for people nearing the end of their life, she realized she should live and enjoy things she really loves and is passionate about before the end of her life.

“Teaching yoga is my passion. It makes me happy. I love seeing my students with a happy face and sweating, yet peaceful after the yoga session. Teaching yoga is also helping me to have better awareness of what’s is going on around me and what’s is going on in my own mind. This enhanced awareness improves every aspect of my life and I use yoga to help me going through the obstacles in my life. I just love to share what I’ve learned, and contribute to improving the lives of others.”

Nancy Huettig RYT 200

Nancy’s life changing journey started as she walked away from her corporate job to find her heart’s desire. She followed her desire- travelling guided her through healing from her burn-out and she found her new inspiration for her life. Yoga, Reiki and Meditation in combination with the nature and the holistic Ayurvedic system of self-healing helped Nancy to create the right balance, mindfulness and peace in her body, mind and soul to reach her purpose in life with love, compassion and consciousness. Nancy’s life transformed into more happiness, better health and observation regarding her body and deeper understanding and connection to herself she felt had been lacking for longtime.

Aomdaw Loysuwan RYT 200

Aomdaw LoysuwanAom was trained with Sunny Yoga 200h Teacher Training in 2017. She originally from south of Thailand but moved to Bangkok area since she was young for her educations. She has master degree in journalism and working as journalist for a few years.

Yoga and meditation has always been part of her life. They helping her to become more grounding, more aware of her own mind and thoughts.

Her teaching style is slow Hatha with the mix of Yin. She has been teaching at Sunny Yoga since 2017.

Cornelis Dekker RYT 200

Cornelis Dekker

Cornelis found the Asana practice at the age of twenty one. After a handful of years practicing traditional Hatha, the call of the world drew him to develop a more pragmatic lifestyle. A solid college degree, a career in film making, modeling, and running a lucrative artisan workshop called, Tin Can Customs, eventually all helped pave the way back to himself. While slipping in and out of a steady meditation practice, Yoga gradually eased its way back into his life. His first teacher training was done with only the intention of teaching his mother. However, after a long travel throughout India, he felt called to share his experience and now teaches a mix of grounded Hatha Yoga, playful Vinyasa sequencing, and an accompaniment of philosophy, methodology and Nidra. With a compassionate character and an open heart, you’ll find the space he holds to be a safe one.

Nishan Disanayake

Nishan Disanayake