Meditation Teacher Training Foundations & Inner Healing Retreat

Meditation Teacher Training

Heal your emotional blocks, cultivate inner love, build a strong ongoing meditation practice, and grow into a guide and healer to support others.
This profound 80-hour training takes place on the lush tropical island of Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Psychic readings and healing meditations will help you let go of emotional pains; engaging teaching techniques will give you a strong foundation in emotional healing meditations, therapeutic breathwork, unconditional love, Vipassana, and mindfulness; and through significant teaching practice, feedback and healing, you will gain confidence and peace in teaching. 

After the 11-day retreat, you will be supported to deepen and integrate your practice through online mentoring and follow-up; thereafter you can join our community of graduates and access many activities for ongoing mentoring, healing, and career development.

Cultivate Deep Inner Peace and Unconditional Love

Your own state of inner peace and unconditional love brings peace and inspiration to people you guide. This may be the most important factor in your success as a meditation teacher.

  • Psychic readings and deep healing meditations throughout the course will help you see and release your key emotional pains.
  • Learn to identify and release your own emotional pains whenever they arise, making life a journey of inner healing and nurturing love.

Build a strong Foundation to Practice and Guide Healing Meditations

Click the image to try out this 14 minute Guided Meditation and get a feel for the type of practice you will learn in this retreat.

You will gain a deep understanding and practice of five key meditation types and then learn how to teach and guide others in these meditations:

  • Therapeutic breathwork for quick concentration and joy
  • Inner healing of emotional pains
  • Mindfulness in daily life
  • Unconditional love for ourselves and others
  • Insight through accepting our feelings

From this you will learn how to connect to your own intuitive guidance for life decision making and how to intuitively guide an emotional healing session by combining the above meditation practices.

Gain Teaching Experience and Heal Blockages to Teaching

  • 14 hours dedicated to participant practice in guiding meditations, teaching practice, and receiving feedback.
  • While you practice guiding meditations and public-speaking, you will receive feedback on your mental state, helping you to find and release the specific pains that arise (such as fears, self-criticism, etc.) and hence teach from a state of inner peace and love.
  • Understanding of principles for effectively teaching and guiding meditations and answers to common questions.

Integrate Your Growth Through Follow-up and Mentoring

After the 11-day retreat, you will be supported to integrate the profound growth and learning into your ongoing life through a 14-hour online program consisting of:

  • Group mentoring and healing sessions
  • Supervised practice on guiding healing sessions
  • Personal practices (using audio recordings which are individually prescribed by the lead teacher based on each participants’ strengths and weaknesses).

Be Supported in your Future Journey

To get an insight into the excellent quality of the teachings you will receive, please click the image to view our Coursebook.
  • Launch your meditation teaching career through our Teacher Development Program (cost included), where you can offer meditation and healing sessions online and be mentored and supported through your experiences with this.
  • Join a vibrant online community of graduates to discuss and practice with.
  • Access regular online mentoring and healing group sessions and follow-up ‘Deepening and Healing workshops’ from the lead facilitator.
  • Gain a comprehensive coursebook with editable soft copy that you can use for your own teachings.
  • Gain audio recordings of all types of meditations taught, so you can practice easily on your own.

Who is this Course for?

The course can provide deep healing and growth for anyone who is willing to look within and face their pains and enjoy their joys. This is the key to healing and freedom. Regardless of your age, background or previous experience, this course provides strong foundations for future self-practice, as well as the foundational skills to guide and heal others.

Beginner meditators are recommended to gain some experience in looking within, before the course. Innerwalk is an excellent four-day walking meditation retreat available on Koh Phangan by donation. Your deep and sustained self-practice after the course will be a vital requirement for developing a successful teaching career. Or join our 5-day Online Healing Meditation Retreat to get a taste of the practices you will learn.

Experienced meditators will benefit from learning from the very deep practice and experience of the lead teacher Nishan who has over two decades of meditation experience. Many experienced meditators have found this course with its psychic readings from Nishan and its principle of kind awareness, to have dramatically improved their inner practice and capacity to teach.

Yoga teachers can apply this 80-hour certified training for their Yoga Alliance Continuing Education hours.

Upcoming 80hr Meditation Teacher Training Foundations and Inner Healing Retreats:

“Wisdom is in yourself, just like a sweet ripe mango is already in a young green one”

Venerable Ajahn Chah

Daily Schedule

07:30 – 10:00Session 1
10:00Healthy Vegan Brunch
12:00 – 14:00Session 2
14:00Fruit Break
14:30 – 16:30Session 3
16:30Free Time and Sunset on the Beach
  • Sessions include Inner Healing, Guided Meditation, Mindful Movement, Discussions and Teaching Practice.
  • The 11-day retreat consists of 10 training days (with 6 hours of daily practice). The 6th day is to rest, relax, and integrate.
  • Optional – Arrive at 7:10am for a silent meditation while the energy of the space is set through chanting and prayers.
  • We recommend arriving at your accommodation the day before the course starts and leave no earlier than the morning after the last day.

Our Team

Lead Facilitator: Nishan Disanayake

Born into a Theravada Buddhist family in Sri Lanka, Nishan has practiced meditation since the age of 16 (in 1998), learning through monasteries, meditation groups, and self-study. Nishan first began teaching meditation in 2004 at a primary school and a temple, then by hosting a weekly group at his home. He currently works in Thailand, offering his wisdom at Healing Centers, Yoga Teacher Training Courses and to individuals.

Let go of pain by seeing its nature

How to let go of emotional and physical pains by cultivating awareness and acceptance.

Posted by Kind Awareness Meditations on Thursday, November 30, 2017

Over the years he has practiced all the main forms of Theravada Buddhist meditations, focusing on Metta (Unconditional Love) and Vipassana (Insight) practices. Through his practice of inner awareness, he gained an increased awareness of other people’s mind states which enables him to help people see and heal their own emotional pains.

Nishan has helped many people to heal their pains and cultivate inner love. His teachings and guided meditations can be found in a free online course, and excellent reviews can be found online at Kind Awareness Meditations.

Breathwork Facilitator: Patty Turgeon

Profile picture

When I was 28 years old, a heart attack awakened me to step out of my comfort zone and begin an expansive journey of self-discovery. This event inspired me to move from my home in Denver, Colorado to Koh Phangan to become a student of the healing arts. Over the past two years, I have experienced and witnessed profound healing through the power of conscious connected breathing. 

Our breath is the portal to open us to receive more of what the present moment has to offer.  When we learn how to consciously connect to our breath with mindful awareness and breathe in specific rhythms, we can gently move into expanded states to receive guidance and insight straight to our hearts. Breathwork is a profound tool for moving emotions, upgrading limiting beliefs, unleashing creativity and connecting with Divine intelligence. I enjoy sharing these simple breathing tools that open us to guidance from within.

Spiritual Advisor: Venerable Phra Nick Dhammarato

As a Buddhist monk in the Theravada lineage since 2005, Venerable Phra Nick has cultivated a very deep meditation practice.

Having practiced with a range of Theravada Buddhist teachers, mainly in the Thai forest tradition, and Mahasi-style Vipassana (Insight) practice, he has done several six month silent Vipassana retreats and currently focuses on Vipassana and Metta (Unconditional Love) practice. He has also carefully studied the Tipitaka (original teachings of the Buddha) as well as modern teachings on Buddhism, meditation, and psychology.

Venerable Phra Nick attends some of the workshops and closely reviews and guides the course design and book.

Healthy Vegan Meals from Aree’s Ayurvedic Restaurant

Enjoy a daily vegan brunch buffet and afternoon fruit platter made with lots of love by Aree, the kind-hearted head chef, and local restaurant owner. To support your inner healing journey, this delicious food is prepared according to traditional Ayurvedic recipes, using only natural, seasonal products purchased from local markets or grown in Aree’s organic garden. The food is not spicy, not deep-fried, and free from MSG, sugar or fish sauce. Most of the dishes are gluten-free. If you have special dietary requirements, please discuss with us in advance!

Typical meals include:

  • Rice Dish
  • Vegetable Sabji (cooked)
  • Potato/Sweet Potato Sabji (cooked)
  • Dahl/Beans
  • Fresh Salad
  • Chutney
  • Indian Bread (Chapati, Naan, Papad, Idli)
  • Other Indian Dishes such as Malay Kufta, Raitas, Aloo Palak, Chana Masala, and more…

“All you need is kindfulness”

Venerable Ajahn Brahm

Upcoming 80hr Meditation Teacher Training Foundations and Inner Healing Retreats:


See more testimonials on Facebook: Kind Awareness Meditations!

“There is no word to describe how wonderful this course is. The instructors have built an amazing method of healing based on meditations, emotions work and self acceptance/unconditional love. The result is incredible, you will truly learn how to heal people in a very gentle and efficient way.” ~ Rémi

“I still feel the integration of the divine loving energy in process. It was a very deep, powerful and transformative experience for me and the entire group. Nishan’s approach to teaching this course is nothing short of holy – connected to the divine and intuitively guided, I am beyond grateful for all the benefits that this unique learning and growing experience will bring into my life.” ~ Gabi

Its depth and beauty are beyond the language. I left the course with a mind in peace and heart full of love. Those days were filled with tears, laughter, fascinating conversations, profound meditations, cuddles, acceptance and delight. I truly recommend it to every single human, no better act of self-love than that! ~ Adriana

“What I’ve experienced on a daily basis was …
waking up in bliss, walking in bliss,
connecting with other beings in bliss,
eating in bliss, moving in bliss…
I can truly say that these 10 days have guided me towards my inner light.” ~ Isabel

“Not only do I feel more equipped and confident to hold space for other people and to speak publically from a place of compassion and humility, but I have taken home healing meditations and breathwork exercises to support my personal practice.” ~ Christopher

“I experienced healing from deep, longlasting pains during his courses. I also started to give classes to groups and private sessions and felt well prepared for it. ” ~ Simon

“Nishan has a very accurate and strong intuition. Sometimes this process even takes one beyond any words.” ~ Karo

“It feels like I’m learning how to live in a new way that offers such freedom.
Nishan is just about the most loving, beautiful human I’ve ever met. Everyone in our group was guided with such care and compassion. His knowledge and experience made the practices so accessible and relevant to daily life.” ~ Theresa

“Ancient Buddhist Philosophy and techniques presented in a modern, down to earth and grounded way. The depth of Nishan’s practice and study are very evident.” ~ Cristina Marie


💖 HEAL YOURSELF LOVE YOURSELF RETREAT 💖DISCOVER AND HEAL YOUR PAINS, NURTURE SELF LOVE AND MASTER A POWERFUL BUDDHIST SELF HEALING PRACTICE• PSYCHIC READINGS of your subconscious painful beliefs and emotions.• TAILORED MEDITATIONS and ENERGY WORK to heal your pains and cultivate self-love.• Highly practical and EXPERIENCE-BASED APPROACH to meditation and healing.• BUDDHIST TEACHINGS will change your view of life towards deep acceptance and joy.• PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY and DEEP ACCEPTANCE – see reviews below.See the full course description and register here:"Nishan completely changed my LIFE. When you're in his presence, you feel amplified vibrations of love, compassion, support, gratitude for now, and non-judgment. He made me grounded. Through Nishan's metta practice, I also saw my anxiety massively reduce and I experienced the most sensational feelings of joy!” – Jasmine“If something in you has been called to Nishan’s healing or workshop, trust it. You are being divinely guided into an experience that will touch the depths of your being in profound, loving, and insightful ways.” – Kelly“I struggled to get in a deep meditative state. In Nishan’s class, it suddenly becomes easy.” – Nils“Before my session with Nishan, I was struggling with extreme sadness, anger, frustration every day. He helped me to let go of this. Life improved enormously.” – Sophie

Posted by Kind Awareness Meditations on Sunday, June 17, 2018

“He has a deep personal practice which makes the whole experience so joyful and fun as well as transformative. Literally one of the best things I’ve done in life.” ~ Stefan

“Amazing, beautiful, transformative, enlightening. The techniques Nishan teaches are highly transferrable and effective with or without his beautiful energy and presence.” ~ Mike

“The course was one of the most life changing things I have ever experienced. I have never felt so connected and in touch with my mind and body. Nishan’s teachings of expectations, acceptance and the nature of the flow are so simple, yet so so effective, which is why it works.” ~ Daisy

“There are no words to describe how remarkable this experience was for both of us. Nishan is such a admirable, loving, kind and happy person! His knowledge, patience, love, smile opened our hearts, our minds and souls. There is so much to be learned from him!” ~ Justina

“The MTTC is definitively a life changer.” ~ Kathrin

“I felt the greatest peace, freedom and purity of my life. It has helped me to open my heart and maintain that inner peace that makes everything you want possible.” ~ Anghels

“Nishan completely changed my LIFE. When you’re in his presence, you feel amplified vibrations of love, compassion, support, gratitude for now and non judgement. He made me grounded. Through Nishan’s metta (love) practice, I also saw my anxiety massively reduce and I experienced the most sensational feelings of joy!” ~ Jasmine

“Nishan makes it possible to be vulnerable and go through the process of whatever emotions might come up. He will make you feel safe as well as surrounded by a warm and caring energy.” ~ Celine

“If something in you has been called to Nishan’s healing or workshop, trust it. You are being divinely guided into an experience that will touch the depths of your being in profound, loving and insightful ways.” ~ Kelly

Our Location – Koh Phangan

Located in the Gulf of Thailand, the tropical island of Koh Phangan is the ideal place for your inner journey of healing and growth. Surrounded by lush jungles, crystal-clear waters and sandy beaches, you have the opportunity to relax, recharge and get a glimpse of peaceful island life. 

Slowly gaining popularity as a hub for mindfulness, veganism, yoga, and meditation, the small beach town of Srithanu is home to a vibrant conscious community.

How To Get Here

Please book your flight to arrive at Koh Samui Airport (USM). At the airport, you can book your transport (van and ferry) to Thongsala, the biggest town of Koh Phangan.
If you arrive in Bangkok, a cheaper alternative is to take a bus or train to Surat Thani on the mainland. From there, take a ferry to Thongsala, Koh Phangan.
On the ferry you can book a taxi directly to the resort you will be staying at. The ‘FerrySamui’ and ‘12Go’ websites provide details on times for these transport options.
We are happy to organize your transfer from the airport for an additional 1500 THB per person.
We recommend arriving at your accommodation the day before the course starts and leave no earlier than the morning after the last day.”


Large Beach Bungalow – 12 nights $290

Large bungalow in a beach resort, just a short eight-minute walk away from Sunny Yoga. It is equipped with a fan and hot water – air conditioner available for extra charge. Some bungalows have a partial sea view. Below are pictures of a sample, although individual bungalows have variations. 

Small Beach Bungalow – 12 nights $245

Bungalow with a fan, hot water and garden view located in a beach resort, just a short eight-minute walk away from Sunny Yoga. Below are pictures of a sample, although individual bungalows have variations.

Book your own Accommodation

If you prefer, you can book your own accommodation in Srithanu. There are many lovely beach resorts within walking distance to the Sunny Yoga Shala that you can book online. Some options in the area are ‘Nice Sea Resort’, ‘Seaview Rainbow Resort’, ‘Laem Son Resort’, ‘The Beach Bungalows’ or ‘Zen Beach Bungalows’. 

The address of Sunny Yoga is:
21 Moo 8 Srithanu, Ko Pha-ngan Sub-district, Ko Pha-ngan District, Surat Thani 84280, Thailand

Upcoming 80hr Meditation Teacher Training Foundations and Inner Healing Retreats: