Sunny grew up near Bangkok and emigrated to Canada in her twenties, where she worked in palliative care in a hospice. Working with patients in their final stage of life had a profound effect on her, teaching her about acceptance and living in the moment and made her question the deeper meaning of life. 11 years in Canada had not only broadened her horizon culturally and linguistically but also set the stage for her Yogic path. After many years of exploring her passions and fears, investigating life’s purpose, and picking herself up after each fall, a period of depression provoked questions such as ‘why am I here?’. Sunny did not seem to fit into the ‘conventional’ life so she ventured out, challenged her worldview, went through ups and downs of discovering her true nature, who she really is, where she wants to be, and what her purpose may be.’– As a result, she decided to move back to Asia in 2010 to pursue her Yoga training in India and subsequently move to Koh Phangan to fulfill her dream of opening her own school. All of life’s hurdles she had faced and overcome with grace, sweat, and tears, have shaped her into an amazingly strong-minded and inspiring woman and teacher.